Mama Bear, course description 

Coffee, cookies and laughter might not be what you'd expect in a class called Mama Bear taught by a bunch of Jason Bourne-types, but that's precisely what makes Mama Bear so different. Mama Bear is 100% custom tailored to take into account the students: moms. Another bit that moms tell us surprises them is that we make it clear we do not create mama bears. All moms already naturally have a bear inside of them, ready to rise up and destroy any threat to their babies. All we do is teach you how and when to trigger that bear and offer her some very advanced training and tactics to employ, making her even more formidable. But the power to handle any threat against your children already lies in side of you. 

This highly unique, 3-class curriculum is one we designed specifically to teach moms with children how to make themselves and their children far less vulnerable to attack (known as "threat mitigation"), and how to effectively counter and thwart an attacker/s actions, should a predator/s penetrate your threat mitigation techniques. The training you'll receive is rooted in our own instructor's training and experience protecting what are lovingly called "high-value human assets" (government employees who need guys like us to keep them alive when they visit war zones) in high-risk, combat environments in scenic destinations like Iraq and Afghanistan where annoying terrorists were constantly trying to kill them. 

The three classes:

1) Lecture 

2) In-home training

3) Range Day

The Lecture

This relaxed, two-hour talk is exceptionally informative and ends with what is always a lively and beneficial Q&A after. We also have some great coffee and cookies. It's a fun way for moms to dip their toe into the water and see if this course and this type of training is right for them. To date we have not yet had a mom decide to stop at the Lecture stage. We're very proud of that. Most moms tells us that they learned a great deal, and were happily surprised by the content and style of the talk. 

In-Home Training

This is where this course gets really unique. Our Instructors come to your home and evaluate your entire property just as we would if we had selected it to act as a "safe house" for clandestine operations. We take everything into consideration; neighborhood, lighting, property layout, out buildings, weather, terrain, infiltration and ex-filtration points (where you go in and and out), etc. Then we walk you through your individual home and discuss with you the natural strengths and weaknesses, and make sensible, affordable, applicable recommendations to threat mitigate. We then help you build a custom response plan for home invasions or break-ins that accords to your exact home structure and living situation. This stage also includes "blue gun" training. Blue guns are exact replicas of real guns (and bright blue in color) and used for training purposes by military and law enforcement. Their purpose is that they enable students to relax and focus on the training and not an actual firearm. We build for you planned escape routes and force-on-force responses, like what to do if an attacker/s gets into your house and winds up between you and your children. This class usually takes around 4.5 hours depending on property and living situation variables. But we will gladly stay as long as it takes to do a very thorough job. 

The Range

In this class we will take you through a Mama Bear-customized Beginner's Defensive Pistol course designed specifically to address the needs and limitations of a mom with kids in tow. This class is appropriate for moms who have never touched a firearm up to and including moms with decent shooting experience. It's fun, interesting, very informative, and you'll be immersed with like-minded moms. There is no macho baloney in this class (or any of our classes). It's all momma and all bear. You will leave radically better prepared to deal with any idiot careless enough to dare to attack you or your children. This class lasts approximately 4.5 hours. As an aside, the first moms we put through this curriculum were our own wives, the mothers of our children. That's how much we believe in this curriculum and that should give you some idea of how much thinking and training have gone into creating it. There is no training in our curriculum that we take more seriously than Mama Bear. 

In the Range class you will learn:

Combat mindset

Safe pistol handling

Proper grip and pistol manipulation

Proper use of sights and marksmanship principles

Proper trigger activation

Drawing from a holster

Safe re-holstering

Combat reloading

"A-zone" shooting

Speed shooting versus precision shooting

Shooting in daylight, twilight and total darkness

Shooting paper

Shooting steel

Shooting on the move

Reloading on the move

Use of weapon-mounted and handheld lights while shooting

Moving with children 

Moving with an infant

Moms will shoot 500 rounds of ammunition. We can provide at our costs (usually lower than what students can find, due to our relationships with ammunition manufacturers) or moms may bring their own.

Moms may rent all gear from us for $40, or bring their own. 

Moms bringing gear; you will need:

Pistol plus two spare magazines (for a total of three mags)

Magazine holder 

500 rounds of ammunition 

Eye protection (if sunglasses, bring clear lenses as well, you will shoot in the dark)

Ear protection

Appropriate clothing for current weather and outdoor activity. (think sun, wind, hot, cold, etc.)

Food or drinks

A desire to empower yourself and protect your children, in other words to become a Mama Bear that nobody will want to mess with. 


Yes, you can buy this course one stage at a time, or buy all three at once (a discount is given if you do this). Yes, dads and kids over the age of 12 (parent's discretion) are welcome to attend. Yes, some of the information we teach is too serious for very young children and will scare them and they'll have nightmares and keep you up all night. Yes, we will teach you to trigger the natural Mama Bear that lives in every mother and destroy any threat against your children.

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